Lake Pešića (Pešića jezero)

  • Pešića jezero, Berane
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When you catch sight of Lake Pešića from Zekova glava, the summit of Bjelasica which is accessible also by jeep, you begin to understand the origin of the legend about a white horse with wings and blue eyes that used to emerge from the lake at night and fly above it.

The beholder is surprised by the blue water surrounded by all possible nuances of green which dance because of the clouds, and the whole magical sight looks like something incidental, some play of lights, of the shadows of trees on the water... the unwearying clouds totally relativize the figures: eight meters deep, 290 m long, 165 m wide, 1.838m above sea level. It is guarded by high guards, the summits of Bjelasica. Around it even today, on the swinging heights, the shadows of the quick clouds pass by and whoosh, as if they were wings, as if the white horse with blue eyes is circling, to the amazement of the fairies hidden in Vilina pećina ("Fairies' cave) under Zekova glava.

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